Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weetzie Bat Wisdom

I just re-read Weetzie Bat, by Francesca Lia Block.  I love the description of the scene where My Secret Agent Lover Man leaves Weetzie, so wanted to share it with you...but read the book!!

"Weetzie could not even cry and make Kleenex roses.  She remembered the day her father, Charlie, had driven away in the smashed yellow T-bird, leaving her mother Brandy-Lyn clutching her flowered robe with one hand and an empty glass in the other, and leaving Weetzie holding her arms crossed over her chest that was taking its time to develop into anything.  But My Secret Agent Lover Man was not going to send Weetzie postcards of the Empire State Building, or come visit every so often to buy her turkey platters at the Tick Tock Tea Room like Charlie did.  Weetzie knew by his eyes that he was going away forever.  His eyes that had always been like lakes full of fishes, or waves of love, or bathtub steam and candle smoke, or at least like glasses of gin when he was sad, were now like two heavy green marbles, like the eyes of the mechanical fortune-teller on the Santa Monica pier.  She hardly recognized him because she knew he didn't recognize her, not at all.  Once, on a bus in New York, she had seen the man of her dreams.  She was twelve and he was carrying a guitar case and roses wrapped in green paper, and there were raindrops on the roses and on his hair and he hadn't looked at her once.  he was sitting directly across from her and staring ahead and he didn't see anyone, anything there.  He didn't see Weetzie even though she had known then that someday they must have babies and bring each other roses and write songs together and be rock stars.  Her heart had felt as meager as her twelve-year-old chest, as if it had shriveled up because this man didn't recognize her.  That was nothing compared to how her heart felt when she saw My Secret Agent Lover Man's dead marble fortune-teller eyes."

Ouch.  Sigh.