Monday, August 04, 2008

Thank you, LA, Thank you FLB. <3 (from the bottom)

Thank you, California, and the slinkster-cool rockstar poet author Francesca Lia Block, who I met while there.

(((Thank you!)))

I've been surprised by how many writer friends don't know her work.  You call yourself writers?  Gasp.  Is it the "Young Adult" categorization?   Don't be blind!  YA books are often more poetic and interesting and beautiful and creative and edgy work.  How many adult-only authors inspire loads of on-line *shrines* and homemade music videos for their books?  (see?)

And FLB writes in many genres...I think her work is Absolutely Amazing.  I heart Weetzie Bat (cult classic) and Echo (my current favorite) and always read with a pen for making stars and an open mouth for continuous sighing.  *sigh*

As for California, thank you for your white-gold-light, the boardwalk and the sand, thank you for the hollywood-hills-walk-of-fame-rodeo-drive-star-map, thank you for the palm trees like little sunken heads on totem pole trunks....if I could get back and forth as easy as this.......
I would every day.....