Monday, June 28, 2010

My Kids Yoga Article on TONIC

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Teaching little girls to stand on their heads...Viva Le Revolution!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Kids Yoga Article! "5 Great Yoga Poses For Kids"

Monday, June 21, 2010

Workshops at the NYYoga Expo: How to Teach Kids Yoga & Vinyasa Practice

Last weekend I had the honor of leading 2 workshops at the NYYoga Expo.... one fun-packed class on How To Teach Kids Yoga and one adult "Power" Vinyasa practice.

How to Teach Kids Yoga: A group of yogis, parents and teachers got to embody their 8 year old selves as I led them through a kid yoga practice class (with Tune In/ Warm Up/ Learn and Try/ and Relaxation). We were floating boats (sail boats, row boats, paddle boats, partner boats) and strong trees (despite some strong winds and heavy rains we made ourselves into a forest.) We got to play the intuition/yogi-go-fish game and practiced listening to our hearts and guts to find the yogi fish (which lives in my singing bowl, by the way). We practiced Starfish Savasana, where we imagined suction cups on the bottom of our legs and arms keeping us stuck and still on the ocean floor. I was psyched that a real-live kid showed up, along with her mother. She was totally cool with belting out the Yogi Pokey as a way to learn Surya Namsakar A (thanks to MiniYogis in LA for that tip!) and made a fabulous volunteer. It was really fun to answer questions and offer all the resources in my brain, heart and experience to others interested in bringing yoga and meditation to little ones.

Vinyasa Practice: As a nice change-of-pace from kid yoga, I led an enthusiastic group of beginner and experienced yogis in a power vinyasa practice. We breathed, moved, sweat, meditated somewhere high above 34th street.

Namaste, NYYoga!~

Thanks for the shout-out, Elena Brower!

I'm honored that my NYYoga article on Kids Yoga helped inspire her practice with her son, Jonah.

To see a super-cute "out-takes" video, and her article, click below.....

I'm, in turn, inspired by her "filling the heart with love" move. (at the end of the video she and her son demonstrate how they fill up each other's hearts with love before they part. He gets to say when he's "full"....cute, and important. ;)

Mindful Mama Article

ABCs of Yoga

from my friend, Teresa Power!
great book and poster for teaching kids yoga....

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Yoga Classroom

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Spiritual Gangster

Rooftop Yoga

Thursday, May 13, 2010


let me count the ways.
sanskrit: 22
english: 1

वनति { वन् } vanati { van } verb 1 love
स्नेह sneha m. love
काम kaama m. love
रति rati m. love
स्नेहं करोति { स्नेहं कृ } snehaM karoti love
कामयति { कम् } kaamayati love
प्रणयिता praNayitaa f. love
अनुरति anurati f. love
अनुराग anuraaga m. love
प्रणय praNaya m. love
आदर aadara m. love
भाव bhaava m. love
मन्मथ manmatha m. love
राग raaga m. love
हृच्छय hRcchaya m. love
कन्दर्प kandarpa m. love
प्रेमन् preman n. love
स्निह्यति { स्निह् } snihyati { snih } verb 4 Par love
अनुनयति { अनु- नी } anunayati { anu- nii } verb 1 love
{ प्री } { prii } verb 9 Atm love
अनुरुध्यते { अनु- रुध् } anurudhyate { anu- rudh } love

Using yoga as intuition practice

Erich Schiffman on using yoga as "intuition practice." Yoga as a concrete way to practice staying open, getting sensitive, and using your intuition moment to moment. Using the "mind-search-engine to google the universe."