Thursday, January 05, 2006


all wings
minute wind
sweeping the porch

i fold my map
listen to the drift
of open wilderness
scooping night hollow

theres too much
to stay
silent longing looking

lift and fly-
one possessed
with words

words gone wild

take off their tops
grab onto pens like they're changing gears
dance around
get the attention of old geezers
old ladies are outraged
write letters
censor them from young eyes ears
fears are they're showing too much
some old perv must've groped it out of them
not likethey'd be giving it away for free
you pay a price to have them
dance around you like that

Monday, January 02, 2006


everyone is sitting in the cafe
nine tables for one
everyone is eating
cake cookies soup
looking out windows
looking at cell phones

i notice the pretty ones
and those not afraid to be present
spreading thoughts over crackers

we are all here together on a tuesday afternoon
we have no where else to go
and no one else to be with
but each other
but alone

the water bill

i am singing in the shower.
no one will ever hear this,
but its beautiful

i don't care what the old man upstairs says
i think this is poetry
i don't care what the old woman in my head
i think its art

long blue butterfly wings
uncrinkle stretch and fly
the steam balmy
around my bellybutton

sometimes we lose things
from the belly from the heart
i could stay in the shower for 40 minutes
and still not wash it all away

you're not here
to knock on the door
you don't care how long i take
you don't even know

i pay the water bill myself

Sunday, January 01, 2006