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Yoga Classroom

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Spiritual Gangster

Rooftop Yoga

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let me count the ways.
sanskrit: 22
english: 1

वनति { वन् } vanati { van } verb 1 love
स्नेह sneha m. love
काम kaama m. love
रति rati m. love
स्नेहं करोति { स्नेहं कृ } snehaM karoti love
कामयति { कम् } kaamayati love
प्रणयिता praNayitaa f. love
अनुरति anurati f. love
अनुराग anuraaga m. love
प्रणय praNaya m. love
आदर aadara m. love
भाव bhaava m. love
मन्मथ manmatha m. love
राग raaga m. love
हृच्छय hRcchaya m. love
कन्दर्प kandarpa m. love
प्रेमन् preman n. love
स्निह्यति { स्निह् } snihyati { snih } verb 4 Par love
अनुनयति { अनु- नी } anunayati { anu- nii } verb 1 love
{ प्री } { prii } verb 9 Atm love
अनुरुध्यते { अनु- रुध् } anurudhyate { anu- rudh } love

Using yoga as intuition practice

Erich Schiffman on using yoga as "intuition practice." Yoga as a concrete way to practice staying open, getting sensitive, and using your intuition moment to moment. Using the "mind-search-engine to google the universe."

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


"I was taught the greatest lesson I’ve ever learned the moment I was born: there is darkness, there is light, and there is breathing." -Ashley Inguanta

(beautiful quote from my dear friend ashley....)

New Kids Yoga Article: Yoga + Kids= Awesome

Monday, May 10, 2010

Yoga योग

“The goal of yoga is not in the future” – Richard Freeman

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my New Kids Yoga Article on Mindbodygreen