Monday, September 21, 2009

Kids Kirtan!

Oh, man...its a Kids' Kirtan! How cute is this!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

crow poem

my friend ashley luna moon wrote this poem after i was practicing crow pose on the hollywood walk of fame in cali...i love it :)

and she climbed,
folding and stretching
her body into
crows on the walk of fame,
hollywood's pink star constellations,
(some dying some dead some newborn,)
crows in front of the chinese theater,
hollywood's cement imprints hands and feet,
(some dying some dead some reborn,)
her heart leading
her heart opening,
spilling the story
of poison,
running halting breathing beginning again,
giving and giving and giving
and folding and opening
and folding just to
open again,
like the earth
when earth grew
with trees and
rivers and
when earth
gave and gave and gave
open heart, crow,
when she gave
to those who needed
a place
to rest their

-ashley luna moon
(thank you ashley! :)