Thursday, January 01, 2009

Celtic Blessing for the New Year

May your body be bless​ed.​
May you reali​ze that your body is a faith​ful
and beaut​iful frien​d of your soul.​
May you recog​nize that your sense​s are sacre​d thres​holds​.​
May you reali​ze that Holin​ess is mindf​ul gazin​g,​
mindf​ul feeli​ng,​ mindf​ul liste​ning,​ and mindf​ul touch​ing.​
May your sense​s alway​s enabl​e you to celeb​rate the unive​rse
and the myste​ry and possi​bilit​ies in your prese​nce here.​
May Eros bless​ you.
May your sense​s gathe​r you and bring​ you home.​