Friday, December 19, 2008

my new favorite pose

Who knew it was so amazing to do a forward fold along the wall? As in, facing the wall so your toes are almost touching it and sliding into a forward fold so your upper back is being supported by the wall. Then leaning in and letting the wall hold you. The sensation is totally different than hanging rag-doll.....the upper back, between the shoulder blades, is broadened, and there is a tremendous feeling of being deeply held so you can really release...its almost dizzying. The stretch along the hamstrings is super-deep, which is a tight spot for many, including me. You have to really hinge at the hips and let the neck hang slack. No joke! Having some support makes a world of difference.

The is a pose of surrender. Forward bending can teach you how to consciously let go. This pose helps depression and calms the mind. The spine is deeply stretched, releasing the compression of your disks which is caused by a day of sitting and standing. In addition, abdominal organs are stimulated and massaged, the nervous system calms, and circulation increases throughout the body.