Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I am reading Anais

I feel such an connection with Anais Nin, and have been re-visiting her diaries. How generous, really , to share your journals with the world. When I was younger I used to worry about all my diaries being discovered someday. Now I admire those who live so openly and are not afraid of sharing even inner most experiences with others.

Here are a few favorite passages:

"I chose poetry and the metaphor not for the love of mystery or elusiveness but because that comes closer to the way we experience things deep down.....What we cannot see within ourselves, what we cannot seize within ourselves we project outside. A great part of life is an invention to avoid confrontation with our deepest self."

"Let us suppose a person is made up of four colors. Let us suppose we respond intensely to one color in him - the tone of voice or the expression of his eyes. We will continue to respond to this particular trait rather than to an image of the total personality. We have a continuous response to fragments."